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Thinkified App User Interface


Creative Direction // Art Direction // UI Design // UX Design

Project Notes

Thinkified has 4 distinct functions. It’s main purpose is to take and organize notes, it also has chat functionality, it’s also an up-down voting message board. It’s last function is to match people’s ideas/projects with other people with complimentary skills.

Planning the interactions between these different program areas was the greatest challenge while designing the Thinkified user interface. A user’s needs changes when moving from one function to the next.

A lot of care and consideration had to be taken to make sure each area of the app worked logically and keeping the design language consistent across the entire app.


Thinkified Website

(Visit Thinkified.com)


Creative Direction // UX Design // Information Architecture

Project Notes

The site was initially constructed to launch in conjunction with out Indigogo crowdfunding campaign. The site was designed to funnel users to our Indigogo campaign page. Now that the campaign is over, the site has been converted into an informational page. While we didn’t reach our goal, we did get enough money to keep the project going for a while.

I’m particularly happy with how the navigation sticks to the top while overlaying the hero video background until you scroll past the first content area. The effect gives the site two starting positions and gives the flexibility to turn off the video intro when it’s not needed.


Battery Tender® App User Interface


Creative Direction // Project Management // UI Design // UX Design // IoT Strategy

Project Notes

Part of the reason I was hired at Battery Tender was to take an existing app that was in development and enhance the user experience. Everything had to be reflowed, redesigned, and drastically changed to match the new brand standards I had developed for the company.

The result is a vast improvement over the app that could have been. A completely new version is in the works which will focus on animation and microinteractions.


Nerdy Repair Website

(Visit NerdyRepair.com)


Art Direction // Video Production // Hand Modeling // UX Design

Project Notes

Nerdy Repair’s mission is to fill a gap between the typical neighborhood computer repair shop and giant companies such as Geek Squad. Local shops tend to have lower cost, but lack some of the customer service features that a high-priced company like Geek Squad has.

The Nerdy Repair brand and website are designed to represent the quality of service that Nerdy Repair is known for.

I’m also pleased to say that I am now a bona fide hand-model. You can see my mitts in all of the background videos.


Wireless Monitor Form Factor


Creative Direction // Industrial Design // Package Design // UX Design

Project Notes

As Creative Director at Battery Tender, I’ve been able to work with engineers on all sorts of projects. The Wireless Monitor has been one of my favorite projects of all time. My team and I came up with numerous concepts, which were whittled down to the final production model. The actual unit is available for purchase at AutoZone stores in the USA.

The Wireless Monitor measures voltage as the battery’s current passes through. The product’s form was inspired by the concept of Ying and Yang because of the energy moving in and our. The small circular shape also gives the user great grip for when they want to connect or disconnect either end of the device. The two color motif also gives the user an easy to remember mnemonic for how to connect the device.


Connected Power Logo Design


Art Direction // Brand Design // Graphic Design

Project Notes

Connected Power is a new protocol for managing the exchange of information from battery charging and management devices and the cloud. We created a brand, logo and, badge which manufacturers can add to their devices and packaging.

The challenge for this project was not to get overtly literal so that it has the potential to be unique and become memorable.


Global Robotics Institute Website

(Visit GlobalRoboticsInstitute.com)


Creative Direction // Information Architecture // Project Management // UI Design // UX Design

Project Notes

We took the GRI website from RFP (Request For Proposal) all the way to conclusion. It was a massive undertaking. The greatest challenge from the start was making sure that all of the site’s existing content would be moved over to the new site, and organizing it all into a structure with a lot of additional pages.

Poor planning could result in an unacceptable drop in organic search traffic.


Ruth's Chris NASDAQ Tower Video


Art Direction // Motion Graphics

Project Notes

The NASDAQ invited Ruth’s Chris to ring the opening bell on the 10th anniversary of their IPO and after 50 years since they first opened.

The team at Ruth’s Chris reached out to me personally to create the graphics package that would be displayed on the NASDAQ tower in Time’s Square. My work was shown in the center of the advertising universe for about 20 minutes in August of 2015. It’s a total career highlight for me.


Nerdy Repair Logo


Creative Direction // Branding // Graphic Design

Project Notes

Pocket protectors, white shirts, poorly tailored pants. We considered a lot of symbols to represent nerds, but classic horn rimmed glasses have a special place in geek symbolism. We also opted for a strong bold typeface to represent strength.


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